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a) Artist books
b) Further publications
c) Videos

a) Artist books

Daniel Maier-Reimer Nine Journeys Exhibition Guide 01.jpg

Daniel Maier-Reimer
Nine Journeys, A Guide to the Exhibition, Clages Gallery, Cologne, May–July 2022
Concept and design: Till Krause
Offset 66 x 95 cm / 26 x 20 cm (foldet)
12,- €

Daniel Maier-Reimer Nine Journeys Exhibition Guide 02.jpg

Daniel Maier-Reimer and Florian Hüttner

Bar Mezzogiorno: Daniel Maier-Reimer’s journey Apennin as presented by Florian Hüttner

In 2017 Daniel Maier-Reimer walked the Apennine mountain range in Italy. This book records his journey as presented by Florian Hüttner in May 2018 at the Nectar Gallery in Tbilisi. Florian Hüttner converted the gallery into an Italian bar for a few weeks, turning the gaze (from a Central European perspective) “towards midday” (Ital. a mezzogiorno), the direction of travel and also its destination. He painted the counter with an image epitomising the South, a vista across the Bay of Naples (admittedly off the Apennine route), and into this painting he inserted illuminated niches for whisky, champagne, brandy and herb liquor. In the shelving over the counter, between a picture of a raven doing an odd little dance and a variety of bottled spirits, he set Daniel Maier-Reimer’s framed photograph of the journey, a view into a misty forest. Drinks at the counter were free for everyone, with non-locals favouring the home-brewed chacha. – After a night in the bar Florian Hüttner went out into the street and used his phone to make the video whose stills are strewn throughout the book.

Bilingual English/Georgian
Idea and design: Florian Hüttner
With photos by Till Krause and video stills by Florian Hüttner
Softcover, 20 x 14,8 cm, 60 pages
GFLK Surveys in partnership with the Nectar Gallery, Tbilisi, 2020

Order by email:

Documentation of the exhibition in Tbilisi

Cover Bar Mezzogiorno Daniel Maier-Reimer Florian Huettner.jpg

Syafiatudina Daniel Maier-Reimer Tomaschko Ifa 300.jpg THE WALKING ZINE
Daniel Maier-Reimer's journey from Auckland to Christchurch, presented by Syafiatudina

Presentation and copy booklet of Syafiatudina as part of the group exhibition "Politics of Sharing - On Collective Wisdom", 2016, ifa Gallery Berlin. With contributions by Edwina Brennan, Andy Fuller, Ila, Vera Mey, Onyenho / Hayyi Qoyyumi and Syafiatudina. DIN A5, 16 pages, 2016.

Cover gef 350.jpg

Daniel Maier-Reimer und Till Krause:

Daniel Maier-Reimers Apuanische Alpen auf meinem Tisch – Le Alpi Apuane di Daniel Maier-Reimer sul mio tavolo – Daniel Maier-Reimer's Apuan Alps on my desk

16 photographs, short text in three languages (German, Italian and English), 32 pages, DIN A4, thread-stitching, printed on Heaven 42 Softmatt, 135gqm

This publication is part of the annual publication of the Villa Romana Fellows 2013: Shannon Bool, Mariechen Danz, Heide Hinrichs, Daniel Maier-Reimer.

Concept: Till Krause; Desk photos together with Jonas von der Hude.

Graphic design: Till Krause, with Axel Feldmann and Luca Rosean

Editor: Angelika Stepken, Villa Romana, Florence,

2014, published by: argobooks,

ISBN: 978-3-942700-49-8

In a slipcase together with the publications of Shannon Bool, Mariechen Danz and Heide Hinrichs: € 32,00

The Italian Journeys of
Four Walks by Daniel Maier-Reimer, 2012–2013
presented by Clegg & Guttmann

Daniel Maier-Reimer the journeys of Cover 72 150.jpg

with contributions by Clegg & Guttmann, Daniel Maier-Reimer and Till Krause

A publication: Sternberg Press, GFLK Surveys, 2013
A presentation by Clegg & Guttmann of Daniel Maier-Reimer's works in the exhibition "Villa Romana 1905-2013, Das Künstlerhaus in Florenz", Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, 2013-14.

Concept: Clegg & Guttmann
Layout: Ines Lechleitner
Typeset and Graphics: Mandy Joane Sheer
Language: English and German
Softcover, 120 pages, 24,5 cm x 19 cm
Sternberg Press, GFLK Surveys, 2013
ISBN: 978-3-95679-037-9, € 25

Daniel Maier-Reimer: Un viaggio lungo il confine della città di Firenze 2012 presented by Paolo Ermini in Corriere Fiorentino, anno VI, n. 30, Corriere della Sera, anno 138, n. 26

Daniel Maier-Reimer Un viaggio 02 72 800.jpg

The publication in the form of a daily newspaper was available in Florence on 31 January 2013 for € 1,20.

Eight signed and numbered copies are available for € 200,00 (purchase order).

Daniel Maier-Reimer
Walk following the course of the Hamburg state boundary

Design: Till Krause, graphic: Mandy Joane Sheer
Paperback, 23,5 x 16 cm, Leporello 314 cm
GFLK Surveys, 2011,
ISBN: 978-3-9814398-0-9
€ 28 ,-

72 400 IMG 2299.jpg
72 400 IMG 2292bea3.jpg
72 400 IMG 2293.jpg

Daniel Maier-Reimer, Journeys

72 400 2009-05-04-1807-54.jpg Daniel Maier-Reimer, Journeys. Journeys 1990 - 2008. 132 pages, 64 color immages, paperback, thread-stitching, 18,7 x 14 cm, edition: 500, designed by Till Krause, graphic: Mandy Joane Sheer, Editor: Ruth Tieskötter, published and edited in 2009 by GFLK Surveys / Galerie für Landschaftskunst.

€ 22,-

Anna Gudjónsdóttir, Florian Hüttner, Till Krause, Daniel Maier-Reimer:

Helligkeit- / Dunkelheitkartierung Düsseldorf [Brightness / Darkness Mapping Düsseldorf]

4 city maps (among them Daniel Maier-Reimer's Schlafplatzkarte Hofgarten [Sleeping Place Map Hofgarten]) and 1 booklet with colour illustrations and photos. Project of the Gflk in the context of the exhibition "hell-gruen" in Düsseldorf, 2002.

€ 5,-

200 DSCN4545.jpg Daniel Maier-Reimer

Japan 2002
Brochure (21 x 30 cm) on the occasion of the 22nd "Hamburger Arbeitsstipendium für Bildende Kunst" 2002. With a text by Dirck Möllmann: PDF of the text (50 KB)

b) Contributions to publications

Mitteilungen der Gflk Nr. 8

With contributions by Laura Nash, Daniel Maier-Reimer, Mark Dion, Nils Norman and Edgar Allan Poe, 1998.

Out of print

Daniel Maier-Reimer and Till Krause, Kartierung einiger Haupt-Landschaftselemente der Gegend rund um den Kaisberg (mit Wanderrouten) [Mapping of some main landscape elements of the area around the Kaisberg (with hiking routes)]
in: Landschaftsbauhütte Ruhrtal, Michael Fehr, Falk Wolf (editors), Klartext Verlag Essen, 2002

Daniel Maier-Reimer, Umrundung der Stadt Hamburg auf ihrer Landesgrenze [Circumnavigation of the city of Hamburg on its state border]
in: MAPPING A CITY, book on the project "Hamburg Mapping" of the Galerie für Landschaftskunst, published by the Galerie für Landschaftskunst, Nina Möntmann and Yilmaz Dziwior, Kunstverein in Hamburg, Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2004
ISBN: 3-7757-1442-1

Daniel Maier-Reimer, A Walk from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea, Caucasus 2005, II (Baku-Geyhan-Pipeline)
in: EcoTopia, contemporary art and nature in the Caucasus, 2005-2006, published by Goethe-Institut Tbilissi, 2006

Daniel Maier-Reimer, Yarlung Tsangpo
in: So nah. So fern. Begegnungen mit dem Fremden, Palais für Aktuelle Kunst und Kulturstiftung Schloss Agathenburg, Textem Verlag, Hamburg, 2007

SPACE REVISED #1 - 4, edited by Eva Birkenstock, Stefanie Böttcher, Hannes Loichinger, Britta Peters, Tim Voss und Janneke de Vries. Texts by Roger Behrens, Eva Birkenstock, Stefanie Böttcher, Philip Gaißer, Hannes Loichinger, Britta Peters, Christine Ruhfus, Kerstin Stakemeier, Mareike Stedig, Tim Voss and Janneke de Vries. Deutsch / Englisch. Argobooks, Berlin 2009, ISBN: 978-3-941530-37-6

Villa Romana, Gegenwart eines Künstlerhauses, published by Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Verlag Kettler, 2013

Süden - Preisträger der Villa Romana 2013, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, 2013

Re-enchantment, published by Emily Barsi & Alessandra Poggianti, Kunstraum München and Kunstverein Publishing (Milan), 2018, I S B N 978-88-32125-00-9

c) Videos

Daniel-Maier-Reimer Yarlung-Tsangpo Video Stephanie-Bunk Florian-Huettner 2005 300.jpg Ein Gespräch mit Daniel Maier-Reimer von Stephanie Bunk und Florian Hüttner [a conversation with Daniel Maier-Reimer by Stephanie Bunk and Florian Hüttner]

Video by Stephanie Bunk aund Florian Hüttner with Daniel Maier-Reimer (using a photo by Daniel Maier-Reimer) on the occasion of his exhibition Yarlung Tsangpo' 2005 in the GFLK, 14:25 Min., published by GFLK, 2005.